RoadMech towing services helps in towing and transporting your vehicle to nearest RoadMech Service Station, your home or even Service Garages of your choice.

RoadMech's towing services comes in handy in situation when your vehicle is disabled or damaged, you need a long distance shipping for your vehicle, or our team finds that fixing your vehicle on site is not possible and hence needs to carry it to nearest RoadMech Service Station.

Your vehicle may break down when you would least expect it. In these types of scenarios you can simply call our RSA support consultants. This will intimate our team at RoadMech's dispatching center.

The dispatching center will immediately allocate the available tow truck. The driver would reach you in the shortest time as stated by our consultants. Our Consultants will keep you posted about the progress throughout the process

Your satisfaction is as important to us as important your vehicle is to you. Hence based on your convenience you may choose to tow your vehicle to:

  • Your registered address
  • Nearby RoadMech Service Station
  • Your own choice of Garage
  • A different city other than where you are stuck.**

At RoadMech, we primarliy offer flatbed towing, however based on location and availability you may get to use hydraulic wheel-lift towing also. The main difference between the two is the tow truck built and model. In flatbed tow trucks we place your whole car on the truck's flatbed, while in case of a hydraulic wheel-lift tow truck your car's front or rear wheels are attached to a metal yoke and then lifted.

We do also offer closed container based towing services for premium clients. Hook and chain towing is also offered based on standard availability. When you call us, you may ask for the type of towing being offered. Our consultant would check the availability and share the same with you. Whatever the towing method we use, RoadMech ensures that the vehicle is shown utmost care throughout the route.